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The two-level, single-family home is offering panoramic views of the Sea on one side and the mountains on the other.

1 Villa Royan
1-3 Villa Royan
1-2 Villa Royan

The idea was therefore to open up the house as much as possible and let the scenery of the forest be the sole decoration of the interior by framing certain views of the forest and to create an open plan that allowed the different functions of the house to melt together in one continuous flow on the two levels.
We wanted to create a combination of utility, purity and a quiet beauty.we used natural materials and earthy colours to add soul and history to shape interestingness rather than a polished and decorated beauty. Combined with the pure white walls,the house aims to be a sensuous spatial experience.

2 Villa Royan

The”hanging” rooms jutting out at the back of the house is the master bedrooms on the second floor. There are also one more bedroom at the front of the house on the first floor.
The glass walls allow a full view of the forest from the living room and also the upper bedrooms.
The social areas of the house were divided in two, with the living room facing the forest at the right side of the house and the kitchen and dining area at the left side of the house facing the pool.
In designing of the exterior elevations, a framing element is used to capture a segment of the landscape scenery.

12 Villa Royan
6 Villa Royan
8 Villa Royan
5 Villa Royan

The interior of the house is open and light. The living space is connected with the garden and the forest and a flood of light is entering the house.
All the edges of the different volumes are made without any eaves,  the material dissolves in the air. This reinforces the abstract appearance of the sculpture. Just as a wanderer, caught in a thunderstorm, will seek shelter under a fallen tree, the inhabitants will find protection in this house.The different
aspects of study slowly grow into an actual building. The building becomes part of the poetry, part of the memory, it becomes  meaningful.

7 Villa Royan
10 Villa Royan
9 Villa Royan
Villa Royan 18
Villa Royan 19
Villa Royan 20

The bedroom is that part of the house where we go to recharge and rest after a hard we go to recharge and rest after a hard day´s work and the daily stress. To do so the room must be similar to our personality to make us feel the way we should be , but it shuid also be designed useless materials that would remove the idea of spacious special retreat.

15 Villa Royan

You cannot simply put something new into a place. You have to absorb what you see around you, what exists on the land, and then use that knowledge along with contemporary thinking to interpret what you see. 
                                                – Tadao Ando


 Well-appointed design for a cozy beachfront apartment

1 Apartment N?6
1-3 Apartment N?6.jpg
1-2 Apartment N?6.jpg
2 Apartment N�6
12 Apartment N�6
6 Apartment N?6
5 Apartment N�6
8 Apartment N�6
7 Apartment N�6
10 Apartment N�6
9 Apartment N�6
15 Apartment N�6

8mm Stainless steel modular executive tables


Warm design for a modern multi brand office

Did office 01
Did Office 03
Did Office 04
Did Office 02
Did office 06
Did office 07
Did office 10
Did office 09
Did office 08
Did Office 05

Tehran's favorite sports club (Enghelab Complex) goes high-end

Did Market 01
Did Market 02
Did Market 03
Did Market 04